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1. I am not sure what size storage I will need. Can you help?


Yes we can, give us a call at 416-741-2841 and we will give you a free estimate.


2. Do I need to provide any type of documentation to rent a storage unit?


Yes, we require a driver license, passport or any type of valid photo ID.


3. I am not sure how long I will need your storage service?


We provide short or long term storage with a one month minimum storage charge.


4. Can I prepay the storage fees in advance ?


Yes, you can pay for storage in advance on all storage units being used.


5. How can I reach you?


We are available six days a week through telephone and email services.


6. What times can we access our storage unit and is there a charge for access?


There is no charge for access to your storage units, we provide 8:30am-6pm access Monday-Saturday.

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